THE PRADA LIFE -Did you know?

Most of you might not know this, but Prada started as a manufacturer of leather bags in the early 1900’s. It was the grand-daughter Miuccia Prada, who introduced the apparel line for men & women in 1990’s,that made Prada the fashion house it is today.

There was another incident, one that took place on nothing less than the red carpet at the Oscars, that made the relatively unknown fashion house finally see its time in the Sun.

In 1995, Uma Thurman showed up to the Oscars styled by Barbara Tfank in a lilac Prada gown, completing her outfit with a chiffon wrap, every bit the picture of 1990s minimalism, but more importantly, high fashion.

Thurman was up for an award that night for her role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”, but the next day it wasn’t her nomination that landed her on the front pages—it was her dress.

Uma Thurman in Prada at The Oscars, 1995
At the time, Prada wasn’t nearly the luxury goods powerhouse that it is today, and the lightening rod combination of Thurman and the label proved beneficial to both: Thurman became known for her stellar fashion sense, while Prada got a huge boost from instant name recognition the world over.

With the fame it has received, you’d think Prada would be like most of the luxury fashion houses you see, but that’s not the case. Prada is very famous for its idea of “inward luxury”, meaning they don’t use very flashy logos on their merchandise; Prada’s understated type of luxury is meant to be recognized only by those who are “in the know.” The most you will usually see as far as designer labeling goes is the famous upside down triangle logo.

The philosophy of minimalism is deeply ingrained in the brand, Miuccia Prada always makes sure to stay grounded, saying, “I love fashion, but I think it should stay in its place, not rule your life. It’s a very nice part of your life, but I think it should be fun.”

Click below to see our selection of some most notable appearances by Prada on the red carpet.

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