Outfit Ideas : Last few days to wear your boots!

The blistering summers are here! But the nights are still cool and if you’re ANYTHING like me, you wouldn’t miss this tiny window of opportunity to wear your knee length boots! 

Seen here : Top : Zara, Bralette : H&M, Skirt : H&M, Boots : Zara, Bag : Zara , Gold cuffs : asos 

Side note : isn’t that pink nail paint Cute! I love how pink looks against my skin! If you have a honey skin tone you should try ALL shades of pink on you they look brilliant! 

So in this look I have paired a lace top with a high waisted denim skirt. Knee length boots REALLY bring out your legs no matter what size you are. They are really flattering. 

Location : Mount Mary, Bandra West. 

Here’s another outfit idea for your knee length boots. I have paired a bralette with a high waist skirt (a wardrobe staple for me) . The skirt has a wrap effect in the front to expose a little leg 😉 

Seen here : Bralette : H&M, skirt : Forever 21, Boots : Zara , Gold cuff : asos 

Here’s my talented team! 

That’s Ana Spevak on the left, she is the photographer and my make-up was done by the talented Dado Panna 

Until next time!


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